10 Natural Ways Can Help Straighten Your Hair At Home

Women with straight hair usually want to have curly hair and women with curly hair usually want to have straight. It is a fact of life. They spend their money on expensive store-bought hair products, beauty treatments and hair straighteners. They do not know that they can get the best results using homemade natural remedies.

Do you dream of having straight hair? Most women want to have long shiny and straight hair in order to look fashionable and stylish. However, you know that permanent straightening is very dangerous to your hair as it can dry and damage it. So you need to find natural remedies to help you style your hair without damage. If you start using natural recipes to strengthen your hair it may take more time to get good results but it will make your hair healthy and unbelievably beautiful. Are you ready to try? If you have curly hair and you want to make it straight we would like to draw your attention to these ten good tips to strengthen your strands at home.

#1. Coconut and lemon

These components increase hair growth and make it soft and straight. Mix five tbsp. of organic coconut milk with one tbsp. of lemon juice in order to get a wonderful natural hair mask.

#2. Hot oils

Mix one tbsp. of castor oil with one tbsp. of coconut oil, heat the mixture to make it warm and do a massage using this warm liquid. This oil will make your hair hydrated, silky and smooth.

#3. Milk

This ingredient controls frizz and repairs damaged hair. You will need to pour half a cup of milk into a spray bottle and spray it on your hair.

#4. Eggs and olive oil

This combination is good for hair straightening. Mix two eggs with three tbsp. of olive oil and use them as a natural mask.

#5. Milk and honey

This combination can control frizz and make your strands look shiny. Mix a quarter of a cup of milk with one tbsp. of organic honey and use it as a hair mask.

#6. Rice flour and eggs

This combination can repair damaged hair and remove dirt. Mix two egg whites and five tbsp. of rice flour and a quarter of a cup of milk to prepare an amazing hair treatment and use it once a week.

#7. Banana and papaya

The combination of these fruits will nourish and strengthen your hair. Mix one ripe banana with one one ripe papaya and use it as a mask.

#8. Aloe vera

This ingredient not only stimulates hair growth but makes it smooth. Mix half a cup of coconut oil with half a cup of aloe vera juice and apply this concoction to your hair for twenty minutes.

#9. Banana, olive oil and curd

If your hair is curly this mask will definitely make it straight. Mix two ripe bananas, 2 tbsp. of organic honey, 2 tbsp. of curd and 2 tbsp. of olive oil.

#10. Apple cider vinegar

This ingredient is the best when it comes to removing dirt from your strands. Mix 2 tbsp. of ACV with 1 glass of water and apply this concoction to your clean hair. Do not rinse out this remedy.

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