10 Plants To Bring Positive Energy And Good Fortune Into Your Home

You probably know exactly what Feng Shui is, right? This ancient method of placing objects in certain areas can influence the energy flow in your house and make you more positive and happy. Inning Accordance With Feng Shui, plants consist of energy much like all inorganic things. Even science has actually verified that plants make a distinction– according to NASA sponsored research study, plants can ruin harmful toxic substances and chemicals in the air and make it easier and much safer for you to breathe.

Here are 10 plants that will purify the air in your house and bring favorable energy:

Peace Lily

Even the name of the plant suffices to bring good vibes. The peace lily can neutralize dangerous toxic substances in the air and is quite easy to take care of. Putting one in your home likewise enhance the appearance of your house.


It can get rid of formaldehyde and xylene from the air.


Rosemary has an enjoyable aroma and can clean the air of contaminants. In addition, just a whiff of the plant can bring positive energy and is enough to enhance your memory too.


Orchid appearances terrific and release oxygen overnight, that makes the plant a perfect addition for your bedroom. It will take in the carbon monoxide and other harmful substances from your bed room, helping you go to sleep easier and wake up full of energy.


Ficus is a low-maintenance plant that can purify the air and get rid of formaldehyde, ammonia and benzene.

English Ivy 

The plant can likewise cleanse formaldehyde from the air and remove other damaging compounds too.

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