10 Ways To lose Weight And Speed Your Metabolism

Good metabolism is the main rule of healthy weight loss! However, your metabolism depends on many factors. For example, women naturally have metabolism slower by 10-15 percent. It is so, because they have more fat tissue than muscle. The maintenance of muscle mass requires more energy.

Also, much depends on the age. The peak of energy falls on 23-24 years, then the metabolism begins to slow down. Becoming older, muscle mass is sharply reduced. The energy that comes with food starts to deposit in fat.

Metabolism can be improved by eating often, but in small portions, doing sports, eating foods that accelerate metabolism, such as citrus, bran bread, oatmeal, green vegetables, nuts, hot peppers, ginger, cinnamon, fish, low-fat dairy products, drink green tea and coffee.

#1. Do not choose rigid diets. This can slow down your metabolism and you will gain even more weight.

#2. Limit sugar consumption and avoid eating artificial sweeteners. They are very harmful for your body.

#3. Try special resistance exercises to boost up your metabolism and limit cardio exercises.

#4. Reduce stress. Practice breathing techniques to stay calm, do yoga, listen to pleasant music, take a warm bath and walk a lot.

#5. Eat only fresh and healthy food. Avoid eating preservatives, fast food and drinking fizzy drinks.

#6. Watch your sleep. Good sleep is the best friend of your metabolism. You should sleep at least seven hours per day.

#7. This can sound ridiculous, but you should eat more fat to speed up your metabolism and to lose weight.

#8. Avoid dehydration of your body. Try to drink at least 1-1.5 l of water every day.

#9. Take few carbs on the days when you do not exercise.

#10. If you want to get great results, you need to change your lifestyle and to follow all this tips every day.

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