7 ways to use lemon in your beauty routine

There is nothing wrong with the desire to look beautiful every day and every woman does her best to do so. But very often, the price that most beauty products come with is far from being affordable. Choices, choices…

What if we told you that there is an affordable substitution for almost everything? The thing is that our ancestors didn’t have the vast range of cosmetics that we have access to right now, but it does not mean they didn’t look beautiful.

What do you know about lemon, for example? Of course, it is a tasty dressing and a refreshing addition to any drink, but what about its benefits when it comes to our beauty routine? We bet you do not know, that is why we decided to share with you a list of 7 ways you can use lemon in your beauty routine.

#1 Hair color

Do you want your hair to be lighter? Use lemon! Just mix some lemon juice with water and apply it to your hair. That is it – you can go out and show off your bright and shiny mane!

#2 Dark Spots

There is no need for expensive creams to help you deal with those nasty dark spots if you have some lemon at hand. Apply some lemon juice to the dark area and let it dry out for about 15 minutes. Wash it off and repeat until you are satisfied with the result.

#3 Chapped lips

Chapped and dry lips are not a surprise during winter time. But just a bit of lemon juice applied to your lips just before you go to bed will work miracle on them, trust us!

#4 Blackheads

Dealing with blackheads is a nasty business. But there is an easy and effective solution. Just a cotton pad soaked in lemon juice applied to the affected areas can work miracles!

#5 Complexion

Wiping your face with a cotton pad soaked in lemon juice every time you are about to go to bed will make your face cleaner and complexion brighter.

#6 Nails

Your nails are always affected by all possible manicure tools and procedures that is why to nourish them you should soak them for about 10 minutes in lemon juice, on a regular basis.

#7 Deodorant

You can use lemon juice as an effective antiperspirant with no worsening of the effect.

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