Intermittent fasting can help you lose unwanted weight

Fasting is a very effective method not only for normalizing body weight, but also for solving many health problems. Correct refusal of food helps to cleanse the body and to adjust the work of all organs, which leads to effective weight loss, rejuvenation and general sanitation.

The advantage of starving is that it does not only save excess weight, but eliminates the reasons for the appearance of such weight. At the same time, very high results are achieved, which remain for a long time. Fasting for weight loss is a natural biological process, the body is completely cleansed during it, protective adaptive reactions are mobilized, and a burst of energy appears.

The dense subcutaneous fatty layer and fat that covers the internal organs together with the accumulated toxins, slags, decomposition products, have a negative impact on all functions, significantly worsen health and take energy.

As a result, a person can have dyspnea, increased fatigue, chronic fatigue, various diseases of a physiological and psycho-emotional nature. Today we will speak about intermittent fasting and how it can improve our health and can help get rid of excess weight.

#1. Start slow if you are a newbie. Even a fourteen-sixteen-hour fasting will be enough for you, if you are a beginner in this sphere. You will see the results quite soon.

#2. Remember, zero means zero. Fasting means to consume no calories. So, you need to refuse ant food without exception.

#3. Intermittent fasting does not give you permission to gorge or cheat. It is not good to eat pizza or other unhealthy foods straight after your fasting.

#4. Go keto. You can combine your intermittent fasting with a high-fat ketogenic diet to get even greater results.

#5. A food journal can keep you on track. Write down what you eat and when you stop eating.

#6. Exercise is your intermittent fasting bestie. Being physically active can accelerate the results of intermittent fasting.

#7. The first few weeks might suck, but you will adjust. Yes, it can be hard in the beginning, but soon you will feel lightness and will love your results.

#8. Try these hacks when you stall. It is good to drink much water and green tea when you are fasting.

#9. Lifestyle factors optimize intermittent fasting. Try to get the maximum from your fasting. Normalize your sleep and reduce stress.

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