No-crunch easy ab-slimming workout

There’s nothing more boring than having to do a large number of crunches every single day. When it comes to trying to shape your abdominal muscles and trim your waist, however, it often seems like there is no other choice than to do endless crunches.

This just isn’t true! There are plenty of moves, besides crunches, that you can do to shape your core. The best moves are the ones that involve twisting or rotating the core. The point of these exercises is to rely on your core, not arms or legs, to support your whole body while twisting and turning.

Here are 3 great moves to try:

#1. Plank dipping

Position yourself into plank pose with your toes and forearms supporting you, hands clasped.

Twist your hips to alternating sides, using your core to move you.

#2. Resistance band twisting

Sit on the ground, where you can hang the band on something to pull it from.

Holding the band, lift feet slightly off ground, and lean back into ‘C’ position.

Pull band and twist core and upper body to alternating sides.

#3. Hanging knee raises

Find bar to hang from with both arms.

Lift knees to waist height.

Alternate rotating knees from side to side.

Use these 3 quick moves to change things up in your stomach routine.

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